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Selecta One starts CO2 footprint calculation

This establishes an important foundation for obtaining reliable statements about the end product in the medium term and for maintaining the sustainability efforts of all those involved in the process chain.

Transparency, measurability and openness represent the three most important motivations for Selecta One. The globally active company firmly believes in these values and has been MPS-ABC certified for many years, not least for this reason. The special advantage is that it already has about 80% of the data needed for a carbon footprint calculation with the HortiFoodprint Calculator (HFC) from MPS. The project will be launched in 2023 with pilot sites in Tenerife and Stuttgart.

The basis for the newly developed calculation model is the industry-wide standardized method for quantifying the environmental footprint FloriPEFCR (Flori Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules). This unit of measurement is expected to be recognized as a standard by the European Union in the first quarter of 2023. As the only provider of footprint calculations for the green industry, MPS also offers users the ability to simulate scenarios for their own operations. This allows users to determine what impact changes in materials or production methods would have on their footprint before they are implemented. Maik Mandemaker, Area Manager Germany at MPS: "With the HortiFootprint Calculator, we offer gardeners an excellent and user-friendly tool to perform a calculation. And with the integrated scenario module, we also offer a valuable tool to set measurable goals and measure progress towards climate-neutral production."

With the introduction of the HortiFootprint Calculator, MPS is forging a path towards a complete life cycle analysis with a total of 15 categories. Mandemaker says, "In recent years, our industry has been focused on reducing pesticides, fertilizers and energy. But in order to calculate the environmental effect, there are other factors that we will present transparently with the new tool in the medium term. With the carbon footprint, we set the first step, followed by other categories such as ozone depletion, eutrophication or human and ecological toxicity. There are still many challenges to overcome if we want to become climate neutral."

"The topic of sustainability enjoys a high priority at Selecta. We take our responsibility for people and the environment very seriously and are committed to our planet by acting in a globally sustainable manner - for the future of all of us in a world that is worth living in for everyone" explains Per Klemm, Managing Partner of the Selecta Group. "We are therefore delighted to be the first partner in Germany in this forward-looking project. We are convinced that the data and insights we will gain in this standardized process will help us in the targeted further development of our worldwide locations, processes and products. The effects of changes can be simulated and compared in various scenarios. We will then be able to offer our customers, but also retailers and consumers, i.e. the entire supply chain, complete transparency - anyone who wants to can use the carbon footprint of our products as a possible decision-making criterion."

Learn more about this innovative tool at IPM Essen, which will take place from January 24-27, 2023. You will find MPS in Hall 1 (booth number 1D12.A-20) and Selecta One in Hall 2 (booth number 2D21).