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Together, global, sustainable

Selecta one is committed to a global future for everyone. We are serious about our responsibility for people and planet. We believe that people are our most important resource, no matter where in the world our company operates. Selecta can only function as “one”. As one team, we work together to care for our planet by acting in a globally sustainable way – we’re in it for the future of all of us!

We take responsibility


People in focus


We donated 25,000 euros to UNICEF's fundraiser for the children affected by the war in Ukraine, we are sure this humanitarian aid will provide some help to people there.  

In-house health centre

At our sites in Kenya and Uganda we operate health centers with trained professionals and we offer free consultations with employees on health issues such as HIV. 

Free food 

We provide free meals for employees at our southern production sites in Kenya and Uganda. 


Our production site in Uganda has its own baby and childcare services for employees and we offer a place of retreat for nursing mothers. 

Social community projects

Our Wagagai production site offers many community projects for local workers such as sports activities, kids days, and training opportunities on the farm.

One for our planet 

We have created an internal sustainability committee to achieve a more intensive sustainable transformation of the Selecta one group.

Protecting our environment and resources

A focus on varieties that are insect-friendly and drought-tolerant


Selecta Hellas

Geothermal energy is used to heat our greenhouses. Plus, all electricity powering Selecta Hellas derives from wind energy.

Selecta Kenya

We have saved water by switching to substrate cultivation. Natural energy is generated by solar panels.

Selecta Trading (Italy)

Our site in Italy is energy efficient with a heating system powered by wood pellets and investment in solar panels. 

Selecta Klemm (Stuttgart)

To make our breeding programmes more biodiverse, we work on a variety of projects with external partners. Our Stuttgart site is currently home to four bee colonies.  

Selecta Colombia  

We are careful with water resources through efficient water treatment, wastewater treatment, and irrigation systems.

Wagagai Ltd. (Uganda)

The farm has invested in high quality water treatment which means it also serves as a source of drinking water for employees. 

Sustainable and quality-conscious

"We see ourselves as part of the big picture and feel committed to protecting our earth"


Per Klemm, owner

Being sustainable – with long-term goals

Transport planning

Sustainable transportation is achieved with short distances, efficient choice of vehicles, space-saving loading, and bundling of deliveries. Meanwhile, the process of converting the company’s entire fleet of cars and trucks to electric is ongoing. 

Process optimisation

We continuously conduct sustainability trials for process optimisation to reduce peat and switch to recycled pots. Trials also aim to develop more compact genotypes that require little or no growth regulators.  

Achieving fair wages with Fairtrade

We launched a project to improve the wages of employees in cooperation with our partner farm Wagagai Ltd. We both refrain from adding the certification and marketing costs of Fairtrade poinsettias to the sales price. Instead, the additional income goes directly towards wage increases.

We are certified


MPS is an environmental program for ornamental plants (Milieu Project Sierteelt). It certifies horticultural business in areas of environment, quality management, and social responsibility, in accordance with international standards. 


Thanks to the Fairtrade certification of our farm in Uganda, we have been able to offer Fairtrade poinsettias since 2016.


Our elite material is certified in accordance with the strict criteria of Naktuinbouw, Netherlands, which means we meet the highest possible safety standard for plant hygiene.

Want to know more? 

We will seek to answer all questions about sustainability.


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