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Selecta one is a new member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative

As a member of FSI, we support the overarching FSI goal of a " transparent and responsible supply chain" in 2025. Under the three pillars of " Responsible Production and Trade", "Responsible Conduct" and "Integrated Reporting", we are thus committed to achieving four objectives by 2025:

1.    90% responsibly produced and traded volumes ambition broadened to include new environmental and social aspects; 
2.    A reduction of the carbon footprint for selected products by 2025;
3.    A Reduction of the living wage gap of workers at farm level by 2025;
4.    Reporting on progress and integrate due dilligence reporting by 2025.

Sustainability is part of Selecta's corporate goals. We want to understand the impact of our actions and products on the environment, people and society and act as an example for sustainable improvements. In additoin we are hoping that the FSI network will help to jointly develop solutions for the change towards more sustainability at Selecta one. The fact that we as a breeder take responsibility for people and the environment very seriously is shown by our new informative website with a sub-page on sustainability:

FSI started in 2013 as a market-driven initiative that brought together international floriculture stakeholders to jointly advance sustainable production and trade. By 2020, FSI and its members have achieved common milestones in responsible production and trade, innovation and best practices. Building on these achievements, FSI 2025 will promote transparency and responsibility in the ornamental supply chain through responsible production and trade, responsible behaviour and integrated reporting.